Logistics Paper on Surprising Tourist’s Attractions in Vancouver

Surprising Tourist’s Attractions in Vancouver

Vancouver has some top-notch, world class events and attractions. Annually, thousands of people gather to participate in extraordinary activities. The following are surprising events that make the city interesting.

World Naked Bike Ride in Vancouver

This global event began in Europe around 2001. The essence of this event is to ride a bicycle naked around the city. The participants carry signs and funky hats, cover bikes with fake fur, and then enjoy a leisurely ride around the city. If a participant is shy, he or she can start the trip with some clothing and then step away from crowds to get barer. The event happens from Auckland to Apeldoorn and takes place annually since 2010. They engage in this unusual activity for fun and support for human-powered transportation, safe streets, and body positivity. It is also done for the celebration of creativity and a protest against car culture and dirty energy. The event is advertised on social media to give instructions on how the event will take place.

Underwater Hockey

Vancouver hosts the Canadian Underwater Hockey Championship every May. It is also a home to several clubs which host several sporting tournaments for underwater hockey, underwater rugby, underwater orienteering, fin swimming, and target shooting. Local teams practice occasionally at the UBC Aquatic Centre and CG Brown Memorial Pool in Burnaby. This unique hockey is played with mask and snorkels at the bottom of a pool.

Zombie Walk and Thrill the World

The Vancouverites love walking around dressed as undead Zombies. The annual Zombie walk is held on September or October, a flash mob-esque event that aims to scare. They sync up with dozens of other cities, take over the streets, and dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller song as they raise funds for a local food bank. The event is growing bigger every year with more participants of all ages.