M6 Evolution Discussion

M6 Evolution Discussion

Initially, the development of antibiotics was aimed at treating different infectious diseases in humans. However, antibiotics had astounding implications and these influenced solicitation to include their use in curing plants and animals. Currently, there are antibiotics for every area. Antibiotics are applied both externally and internally in managing bacterial problems in the society. They are used to maintain the health of humans, animals and even agricultural crops.

Application of dissimilar antibiotics in farming and animals instead of the ones that are applied today can lead to an inferior resistance level. Nevertheless, 4 to 5 percent of antibiotic products are developed every year. In therapy, antibiotics are used to treat infectious or invading organisms. Nevertheless, antibiotics also eliminate organisms that do not cause diseases as well as bacteria (Chadwick and Jamie 3).

Evolution is a continuous process despite being small and usually appearing insignificant. Changes that occur as a

result of evolution are very important for natural selection although they do not result in the emergence of Image-2-300x157completely new species. Species are able to adapt in advanced ways to their environment and this facilitates the process of natural selection. As such, natural selection refers to genes’ modification in a generation that is based on factors that enhance survival. Deer mice are an example of this process. Initially, deer mice were black but they changed to brown color after running into sandy places as a way of evading their prey (Soyer 348).

My opinion is that antibiotics’ use has gradual influence on natural selection. Initially, antibiotics were used to treat bacterial infections only in humans. Nevertheless, this trend drifted from the initial purpose gradually. However, antibiotics’ uses have positive effects on natural selection in some cases. An example of this is the change in the color of mice which enabled them to evade their prey.

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