Making a decision about coming back to school or getting a graduate degree

Submit a Course Paper on any decision-making situation or circumstances you have been involved in. Your Course Paper could be about your decision-making in school, relationships, buying and selling something, job change or career change. Examples Include:

  • Making a decision about coming back to school or getting a graduate degree.
  • Making a decision about getting married or committing to one person for a relationship.
  • Making a decision about changing careers.

Prepare a Course Paper in a Microsoft Word document using APA 6th Edition guidelines. The Course Paper must include a title page, an introduction, the body, summary and conclusion paragraph(s), and a reference page that provides an overview of knowledge management. The template provided for the Course Paper will assist you in ensuring that you are meeting APA paper guidelines. Your goal in this project is to synthesize all your resources learned and demonstrate your knowledge by addressing, discussing, comparing, contrasting, interpreting, and distinguishing a chosen topic of decision-making in your paper.

  1. List the considerations involved that were needed to make the decision.
  2. List the reasons why you made the discussion you made.
  3. Summarize the outcome of the decision made.

  Five peer-reviewed sources will be required.