Management Essays on Branding

Management Essays on Branding

The case identifies upholding brand sustainability as a challenge faced by many organizations. Brand refers to the communication and marketing methods that enable an organization to distinguish itself from other companies and to create long lasting impression among its potential customers. Branding efforts are done aimed at connecting a product and the solution it offers to the customers.

A brand can improve the customer experience, make them feel comfortable with the price and even give the product and the company a status. The branding ideas must connect with clients at personal levels. Centuryply is faced with the challenging of coming up with a powerful brand to maintain its brand reputation. Many companies opt for continuous improvement on their products to compete in such a market, but are not enough.

In the case of CENTURLY, their main concern is how to have a sustainable brand identity. In order to achieve this, the company must come with a design and a concept that is distinguishable and unique. It must also be effective and efficient in communicating the company’s message to the target market. Lastly it must be used consistently in all the visual touch points.

The company needs to be articulate on how its brand speaks the needs of their audience and how they plan to address these needs in a unique way. Their branding strategy must answer the question of why should the customers choose them. Giving a clear answer in the easiest way would enable them achieve sustainable brand proposition.

The brand must be communicated to the customers in the simplest way possible. How the company delivers the values of its brand proposition affects the ultimate impact and sustainability of the brand. Last but not least, the brand message must be clear for all to understand. To uphold a sustainable brand, the company must stand out from other competitors in terms of its social and environmental benefits to the customers