Management Essays on Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate Change and Global Warming

I am convinced that the environment is in trouble from climate change and global warming since they have many negative effects on the ecosystem, economy, and the society. For instance, more extreme weather, as well as an enhanced incidence of stern and disastrous storms, has been found to emanate from augmented energy attributable to the warming atmosphere. Amid the most harmful effects of climate change and global warming is the manner in which it influences water sources across the globe (Frumhoff, Heede, & Oreskes, 2015). Water is intimately connected to other social concerns and resources such as availability of food, industries, health, the integrity of the ecosystem, and means of transport. Climate change and global warming have contributed to the decrease of water thus resulting in the reduction in agricultural yields, which causes the shortage of food, and an increase in desertification as more and more places become exceedingly dry.

Organizations have a responsibility to shun global warming by implementing ways that make it possible for them to take part in developing solutions successfully. Considerable progress in the reduction of emissions and restriction of climate change may be realized if organizations enhance their shift to the generation of low-carbon energy (Frumhoff et al., 2015). Other activities that organizations may engage in to prevent global warming encompass afforestation and re-afforestation, avoidance of water wastage, and enhancement of public awareness.

The questions above relate to the reading material this week in that companies have the responsibility of taking due care to avert any likely harm to the consumers. In their corporate social responsibility endeavors, companies may engage in global public awareness and facilitation of legislative control through such things as encouraging the use of alternative energy or generating more efficient cars (Frumhoff et al., 2015). Such approaches would play a vital role in lessening energy crises and global warming hence resulting in the betterment of the environment.



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