Management Essays on The Role of a Project Manager

Section 1: Project Charter

Project Name Project managers’ wireless communications system
Project charter author Student Name
Creation date 13th December 2017 Last revision date: Date of Submission
Project requestor Company board Project Manager:
Project charter status Approved
Project sponsor signature
Proposed project start date January 5th 2018
Proposed project end date April 20th 2018

Project Details

Project description The project entails building of a wireless communication systems to be used by project managers in the company when they are out in the field.
Project purpose The purpose of the project is to provide the company project managers with remote access to important organizational resources through mobile text services.
Project goals and expected outcomes The goals of the project include:

·         To foster communication between project managers and other team members in the organization.

·         To provide remote access to company resources by the field team.

·         The outcome of the project is expected to be a working software that will link project managers while out in the field with other company personnel who may be back in the facility.

Project Scope The project scope covers the software development lifecycle from defining the problem to testing the solution provide.
Project deliverable The one big deliverable associated with the project is a working software, capable of creating a point contact between the company and the project management team.
Stakeholders The stakeholders for the project include:

·         The project manager

·         The customer

·         The project team

·         Company management

Budget requirements The project will require not less than $ 3,000 from initiation to testing of the software.

Project Plan

When What Who
5th January 2018 Project initiation Team manager and customer
6th January – 10th January Empathy phase – determining needs of the project managers Project team members
10th January – 31st March 2017 Design the software and development Project team members
1st April 2018 – 15th April 2018 Testing the software reiteratively Project team, project manager and company management
20th April 2018 Project closure All stakeholders

Section 2: Elements of a Project Plan

For any given project, the basic elements include stakeholders; costs; schedules; scope; project requirements and the project risks (Martin, 2010). For the project to be a success, effective management of each of these elements is mandatory, and project managers have to decide on the best way to manage each of the elements for optimum outcomes. The stakeholders play an essential role in project management. Each project stakeholder has a specific role to play including provision of the project resources, coordination of activities and execution of the project plan. Effective stakeholder management helps to avoid stretching the capabilities and roles of the project stakeholders, and also to get maximum benefit from each of the project stakeholders.

The second important project element is the costs. The organization, as a customer, has a well defined budged limit. The importance of cost management is that it ensures that the project scope is covered within the available cost constraints. Where costs are not managed, resources can be spent before the project even nears completion. Similarly, the schedules have to be observed keenly to avoid lagging behind in the project timelines. The requirements of the project entail all the features needed for effective operation of the project team, including the number of project team members, finances and any other feature that may be required. It is important to manage project requirements to avoid going over-board on the requests and/ or formulation of solutions.




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