Management Paper on Brainstorming for Current Events

While one could think that the New Year 2018 will be any different from 2017, it has already shown signs of turbulences portending hustle and bustle this year round. The local county and state governments have already had many issues to deal with within just two months of the year. One notable undertaking observed so far is the recent investments in low-income housing that the county government of Marion (Murphy n.d). According to 12WBOY News’ Murphy, a worrying trend of street families and other low-income families in Marion County need a roof over their head but they cannot afford them. The $1 Million housing project will come in handy to solve the puzzle of many that are worried about having a place to call home.

The education sector has not been saved the trouble in Marion County going with reports from news sources in Indianapolis. Just recently, the Marion County Board of Education held an emergence assembling to find a way forward on the current crisis among teachers and service personnel (12WBOY n.d).  This has now escalated as Marion County instructors are picketing in the major streets of Indianapolis. As per Hopkins’ report, the teacher demonstrations stand to hurt learning processes in most of the county schools. The teachers seek to raise awareness about the Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA) funding. The argument behind funding PEIA is to not only for teachers to receive a pay hike but also protected seniority. Most of the picketing teachers argued that community support was necessary towards the PEIA funding that will ensure a better education for all kids (Hopkins n.d).

To sum it up, many events have taken place since the semester but the education crisis stood out for me. I believe education is the fundamental in every society hence the need for all stakeholders both in and out of the government to come on board and provide a solution.


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