Management Paper on Ethical Reasoning in a Business Environment

Ethical Reasoning in a Business Environment

Ethical reasoning is an essential aspect of life that requires one to deal with a series of ethical questions during a moral distress. Amid the current times of moral dilemma, ethical reasoning continues to serve as a vital tool for people to make wise choices with regards to whether the decision will uphold good or bad. Ethical reasoning is thereby defined as the ability to identify, assess, and develop ethical arguments from a variety of ethical positions (In Coyle, 2016).

There are four main aspects of ethical reasoning namely; virtues, justice, utilitarian and rights. Justice as one of the most vital aspects of ethical reasoning is a moral principle which dictates equality and equal treatment unless there is sufficient reason to treat anyone unequally (In Coyle, 2016). Aside from justice, utilitarian has been regarded as an aspect of moral reasoning which supports morally right course of action in any situation. Utilitarian is a moral principle that is an essential part of a decision making process (Harding, 2017). A business is thereby able to make morally right decisions that promotes justice and good virtues. Additionally, most thriving business portray ethical reasoning by ensuring that every individual’s rights are well respected.

            In order to comprehensively address ethical dilemmas, every leader ought to uphold moral values and virtues that befit the society. In a business setting, managers should serve as good models for the employees. Furthermore, business leaders ought to have a set of decision guidelines that would enable them to clearly tackle any on-job ethics dilemmas. These guidelines would assist the managers to analyze the nature of an ethical problem and decide on an excellent course of action that would eventually produce an ethical result.


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