Management Paper on Rabat Halal Restaurant SWOT Analysis


Rabat Halal Restaurant is a new, one of a kind Arabic inspired eatery located in New York City in particular at Long Beach. This location is ideal as it only hosts one other halal restaurant over a large area.  Rabat will be licensed by a partnership owned business that will be set up to offer traditional authentic Arabic delicacies. The business will be set up to offer the best authentic traditional Arabic meals that are served in a variety of nations in particular part of the UAE (Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan and Oman) as well as North Africa. The objective of setting up this eatery is to offer the best healthy and tasty lifestyle that is Arabia. Below is a SWOT analysis that supports the establishment of Rabat Halal Restaurant.

SWOT Analysis

Prevailing internal and external forces influence every business and more so when the entity is a new entrant into the market. According to Speth and Probert (2015) in order to identify the true potential of any such business, it is significant to work through a SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym that stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat. The analysis of the four mentioned parameter is helpful for any investor as it gives a comprehension of the advantages, disadvantages, potentials and possible hindrances that are expected when setting up a business.  Below is a graphical representation Rabat’s SWOT Analysis in reference to it potential.

Rabat Halal SWOT analysis Diagram


According to Pahl, Richter, and University of Applied Science Berlin. (2007), in a SWOT analysis ‘Strengths’ highlight on the advantages that play in favour of a business. One of the strengths that play in courtesy to Halal Restaurant Rabat Halal Restaurant is the lack of premium authentic traditional halal dishes in the Long Beach area. Kabul Halal is the only Arabic foodstuff producer in the area. They offer customized Arabic themed dished but not the real traditional food.  The customization of dishes from Halal recipes has always been the strength that has played for the competitors; however, health issues have been highlighted on such foods. Rabat’s menu only has traditional Arabic foods from a variety of Arabic countries such as Jordanian and Moroccan mezze, or salads such as baba ghanoush, fattoush and Ful medames salad just to mention a few authentic Arabic cuisines. Such foods are made up of unprocessed ingredients which are healthy options. Rabat stands to benefit as a healthy cultured eatery that offers healthy traditional Arabic meals.

Additionally, other than offering authentic traditional dishes Rabat Halal Restaurant will be customized to reassemble the deter tents. Most of the Halal restaurants in New York are set up as modern eateries resembling coffee shops. The fine dining experience is improved with authenticity and Rabat Halal Restaurant set up offers the best realistic Arabic experience in dining.

One of the biggest threats when starting a restaurant in a metropolitan such as New York is the presence of franchise outlets such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut or Subway. These entities monopolize sales and have considerable influence. There is a lack of franchise Halal eateries, which plays to Rabat Halal Restaurant advantage.

Past experiences with cultural eateries such as Chinese and Indian foods in New York City guarantees high sales. New York is made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds subsequently this guaranteeing cultural appreciation, which equates to high sales.

Rabat has a Unique Selling Proposition that endeavors to serve all its clients; consequently, this means serving both its tables as well as operating free take away services within the Long Beach area. Additionally, the business will have an online platform that allows individuals to reserve tables or order for their take away meals.


According to Pahl, Richter, and University of Applied Science Berlin. (2007) in a SWOT analysis ‘Weakness’ highlight on the disadvantages that play against a business. Every company encounters risk, which can be identified by an organizations weakness. Rabat first weakness that may affect profits is placed on the fact that some cultures may not be attracted to traditional Arabic dishes. For a fact, the Arabic culture stands a weakness, as some individuals in the New York district are not open to Islamic culture after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. However, there has been a growing number of individuals who have been open to learning more of the Arabic culture in their quest to increase diversity.  Rabat will engage is a proactive marketing campaign that will encourage the residents of long beach to try out available foods.

Rabat bases its uniqueness on the provision of traditional dishes, which offers a superior competitive advantage over its rivals. Nonetheless, these dishes require specialized cooking staff who are expensive to employ.  Additionally, Arabic dishes are known to be inspired by fresh produce, which is costly in the farmers market. Rabat will endeavour to pick a number of suppliers who will guarantee value on the resources spent in making its dishes. This will guarantee fresh and on time delivery of ingredients.


According to Pahl, Richter, and University of Applied Science Berlin. (2007) in a SWOT analysis ‘Opportunity’ highlight on the potentials that a business exploit in order to have a higher completive advantage. Over the last half a decade there has been an increase in urban eateries in Long Beach; however, most of them have all centred on offering healthy alternative junk foods. This may be a positive input in the food industry; however, it is more of settling for a lesser evil than the existing one. Rabat Halal restaurant offers a healthy alternative without the chance of reducing the effects of poor dieting but rather offering purely healthy alternatives. Cooking at the eatery will be done using traditional cooking methods.  Herbs and other natural flavors; consequently, offering healthy and tasty foods alternatives.

A number of multicultural amenities such as expos serve Long Beach area. In a move to increase its appeal, Rabat Halal Restaurant will set up a number of Arabic themed street events that will offer the locality an opportunity to sample the food and culture from Arabia.

The Long Beach area is served by high-speed internet. Consequently, Rabat will install a reliable Wi-Fi system that will guarantee the best internet service for its clients.



As stated by Sarsby (2016) threats when analyzing a business’s potential are based on the expected pitfalls that remain unaddressed through the organization’s structure. Rabat Halal restaurant’s biggest threat is the existence of other cultural restaurants in particular Chinese and Indian restaurant.  Chinese and Indian dishes though not similar to Arabic foodstuffs are known to use healthy low cholesterol cooking that is an alternative to the foods offered at Rabat.

The food industry is known to be dynamic and this may play against Raba. It is expected that other Halal eateries might change their menus after realizing Rabat’s success. This trend is seen in the fast food industry where Pizza hut and McDonalds have similar Pizza products but under different names. The threat is even more augmented as the traditional dishes cannot be patented.

As earlier highlighted on of the weaknesses facing Rabat is the lack of change or acceptance of Arabic culture. Advertising, as well as sales offers are best used to entities in the food industry. However, it is expected that it will take a longer time to change the notion of some of the individuals who may favor other cultural dishes other than Arabic foods.

From the above-provided text, it is evident that Rabat Halal Restaurant will be a profitable investment. The location is perfect as it hosts a multitude of potential clients as well as only has one other competitor. The restaurant is unique in the products it offers and there is a guarantee on attracting high profits. However, there are a number of issues that play against Rabat such as the existence of other cultured eateries in particular Chinese and Indian eateries. However, the Long Beach area offers a variety of opportunities that would make Rabat stand out as the best possible alternative for all cultured dinners. At the end, all investments are required to have more Strengths, and Opportunities in addition to solutions to their Weaknesses while they are open to less Threat which is the status held by Rabat Halal Restaurant.



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