Management Paper on Risk in Project Management- Mobile App for Food Ordering

Project planning is among the main processes of the project life cycle, especially in app and software development. It explains the goals and how to achieve them to those involved. The planning phase is the point in which the project plans are delivered, needs are clarified, and the project schedule document is generated. It involves setting up goals that help in guiding the team, which is tasked in creating the project through the execution. Execution is the final stage of the project development. The plans laid down during this phase guides in how to manage time, make-up, value, imperil, changes, and other related topics. Planning is a key element in guiding the staff and also external suppliers in ensuring that the project is dispatched in time, and also within the budget allocated.

We may come across various risks, including the issue of resource planning. Resource planning indicates what will be done by who and the specific time it will be done. It also shows if any special skills are required to accomplish a project. Poor resource planning leads to work allocated ending up not being done or a specific skill required not being available. For instance, if you needed a coder but in your resource plan you did not stipulate your need for a person who has the coding ability, delays may be experienced since there will be no one to complete the coding part of the mobile application.

Another issue that may be encountered is in budget planning. Budget planning stipulates the budgeted cost to be incurred to complete a project. Most analysts make simple mistakes such as underestimating the total cost of implementing a simple mobile app. Poor budget planning can lead to delays or not completing the mobile application because of insufficient funds due to failure to estimate the correct amount required to complete the project.