Management Sample Essay on Main Strategies for Control in an Organization

Main Strategies for Control in an Organization

The procedure that enables managers to be in charge of activities in the organization aims at controlling actions of people. This is to enhance performance and enable the firm to attain its goals. The two control categories incorporate normative and regulative controls.

Regulative controls rely on policies of the organization. However, majority of individuals perceive them to be strategies that are not up dated.  As a result, firms seek flexibility by incorporating clients and management to improve their products and services. Bureaucratic controls revolved around authority and functions of the firm. This implies that leaders ranked at the top tend to initiate power and determine operations at the firm. Critics claim that Bureaucratic controls restrain creativity and flexibility (Daft, 353).

In a firm, the purpose of financial controls is to ensure that managers have targets and are accountable of their expenditure. This implies that each department has a responsibility to meet. The objective of financial controls is to increase profits by reducing its costs and improving its revenue. In an organization, quality control has a responsibility to ensure that products meet the required standards. This step is vital because it aids in building trust among clients especially when they access services that are reliable.

Contrary to regulative controls, normative controls ensure that workers and managers conform to expectation of the firm via acclaimed means. The strategies that apply in this form of control incorporate team and organizational culture norms. Team customs apply when they incorporate regulations to manage group members in their daily operations. Conversely, organizational cultures involve customs that enhance reliability. This convinces members of the team to embrace culture of the organization. This culture further depicts activities of the firm. This is evident when members share its practices and values.



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