Marketing: Argumentative Essay on Marketing


Marketing is a concept that is used by enterprises to deliver information to potential clients. Its major objective is to sell products and services to the buyers. The basic responsibility of marketing is to communicate details of values concerning goods that are on sale. This essay reveals the three categories of marketing that include viral, buzz and via word of mouth.

Buzz is a phrase that refers to a conversation. In this category, word of mouth is mostly put into use because it enables individuals to discuss about goods. Normally, this kind of discussion is widespread especially when it is conducted online. For instance, buzz marketing may incorporate producers who introduce new commodities at the market. They accomplish this via creating events that exposes their potential clients to their goods. The individuals share details of their products online with friends encouraging them to purchase.

Viral marketing is an approach that is embraced by sellers which motivate users to involve other individuals in marketing their products. In this situation, the people involved spread the word without being encouraged to do so (Egan 32). Information about this form of marketing that is conducted on digital platform is intended to go viral. In this regard, it is vital for any kind of trade to define the approach they wish to apply in viral marketing. This can be achieved by locating business goals and target market and then proceed to create the content.

Word of mouth form of marketing is a great strategy that can increase profits in a firm. It is an approach that aid to reduce expenses involved in marketing when done in an appropriate manner. If a client is happy, it is a guarantee that they will spread the word to the rest. Online platforms that foster these forms of advertising incorporate Twitter and Face book.


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