Marketing Discussion Paper on ethical aspect of airlines and hotels

Question 1

When addressing the ethical aspect of airlines and hotels giving bonus frequent-flyer miles, gifts, and free companion tickets to attract the business traveler leading to the traveler benefiting personally while their company does not get the benefit of lower rates, the stand that I take is that this is an ethical approach. This is because airlines and hotels have to offer interesting packages to outperform their competitors. This package targets the customer and not the company which the customer works for. Therefore, the aspect of the customer benefitting while his/her company does not benefit is not unethical. In essence, it can be said that this is the way business is done.

Question 2

Having been entrusted with evaluating the menu prices to see whether they needed to be adjusted, I would take the following steps. First, I would undertake a personal analysis of the menu. This would involve checking and possibly taste what is written on the menu and compare it to the price to gauge whether it meets my expectations. In a scenario whereby an item in the menu does not meet my minimum requirements concerning its pricing, I would recommend for its adjustment. On the items that I might not be able to make prompt decisions, I would encompass the services of a professional tester who should also double up as an excellent evaluator. Together with the evaluator, we would go through the items and adjust their prices concerning their quality, as well as the pricing of our competitors, to ensure that our menu does not veer off the range stipulated by the market. However, during this process, it would be important to consider customer preferences as well.


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