Marketing Essays on Apple Incorporation


Executive Summary

This study is about Apple Incorporation. Apple Incorporation was established in 1977 (Apple Inc, 2014). The main production is the manufacture of mobile communication devices, music players, and computers for personal needs. Moreover, the company also offers other software and products to its clients. Samsung electronics is the major competitor of Apple Inc, after Microsoft. These companies have been producing the same brand of smart phones, such as the iphone brand, which utilizes the iOS (Apple Inc, 2014). Men are the major customers of the Apple products. Apple has a strong brand image (Apple Inc, 2014). Therefore, the company enjoys strong financial performance as the innovation is mainly driven by the R & D. its major limitations is on the product recall and the high reliability on the iPad and the iPhone products. The greatest challenge is in terms of the stiff competition from its competitors. Among the market objectives are the integration of services and the use of pricing strategy to introduce discounts. Therefore, more customers can use the products (Apple Inc, 2014).

Global Opportunities

Other than America, Japan stands to be a very marketable country for the Apple Products. This is because it accounts for at least 20% of the present sales. Moreover, it is extremely technologically advanced. Japan is among the developed countries. Its main export is the technological advanced products, such as the motor vehicles. It stands as the main competitor against Europe in terms of technology. Other than that, Samsung is presently analyzing the country as a possible partner for the market expansion of its products. Therefore, Japan is a suitable market for Apple (Interbrand, 2013). Since electronics and other technological products originate from the country, the sale of Apple products makes Japan to be on the spot for advanced products. Hence, majority of the consumers can be attracted to the Apple products. Moreover, they share most of the customers in terms of demographic features. Most of the Japanese products are enticing to the young and the middle aged. Men seem to be more attracted to the Japanese products than women. Therefore, Apple can collaborate with Japan to overcome this stereotype and attract other groups of customers to their products. Other markets are Europe and China, which hold a 2% of the total sales (Interbrand, 2013). Therefore, there is a huge market opportunity in Japan. For the company to increase the sales within this market, there is a need to introduce products, which can incorporate the technological advancement from Japan. Apple can strategize to use the latest techniques to produce products, which can be attractive to women globally. Through this strategy, the market can easily be expanded. Another way is to use these advanced technologies to reduce the processes and the complexities of these products, especially the iphones (Interbrand, 2013). The technologies can be dated but still captivating. This can further facilitate market expansion by integrating the middle and the old age within the customer profile.


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