Marketing Essays on Attributes of Different Types of Vehicles

Marketing Essays on Attributes of Different Types of Vehicles

Individuals differ in terms of their preferences for different types and models of vehicles. The prices, safety aspects, performance factors, special features, cargo, space, among other attributes, could be the various factors taken into consideration before purchasing an automobile. Similarly, an individual’s choice of vehicle can depict their personality. This study will focus on the attributes that different individuals look for, while purchasing sport-utility vehicles (SUVs), mini vans, or luxury vehicles.

Important Attributes for SUVs

Buyers of SUVs usually consider performance as the most essential attribute. Most SUVs are four-wheel-drive, with four or six cylinder engines that offer them power to travel long distances and on rough and rocky terrains. Safety is also a priority in SUVs, particularly when travelling with family and on off-road trips. The antilock brakes, as well as the front-seat side airbags, which are an integral part of most SUVs, assure this. Cargo space is essential, as having adjustable seats enable to make extra space when required. SUVs have a spacious interior, which enable them to accommodate at least five passengers. SUVs come in different sizes, thus, making their prices vary with the size, model and the features available.  Fuel efficiency is also an important factor since SUVs are mostly preferred for long-distance trips.

SUVs are mostly preferred by upper-middleclass people who have large families, and by those who are fond of traveling long distances. SUV owners are usually perceived to be young and adventurous.

Valuable Attributes of Mini Vans

Minivans are available in various sizes, thus, giving buyers numerous options to choose from. Price is considered paramount when buying a minivan, as minivan buyers are individuals who are conscious about their spending. Safety is the second attribute, as the presence of numerous airbags can help in avoiding fatality in case of an accident. Owners of minivans also consider performance with regard to fuel consumption, while space is necessary to accommodate a bigger family. Minivans are known for their low fuel consumption, thereby making them favorable to lower-middleclass families in general.

Minivans have a spacious and pleasant interior, which makes them suitable for travelling with a family. They have adjustable seats, which can be folded when in need of extra space. High speed is not a priority, since the owners usually have a family with kids. Minivans are considered as the safest automobiles on the road, and thus, can guarantee safety of the whole family. They allow families to travel with ease during long journeys. Owning a minivan portrays individuals who are caring, nurturing, and fond of travelling with others.

Essential Attributes of Luxury Vehicles

The most essential attribute of luxury vehicles is its performance, and the unique additional features that are not available in ordinary vehicles Luxury vehicles are extremely expensive, and hence, are not financially affordable by individuals with an average income. They boast a luxurious interior, complete with leather seats and a climate control system. Acceleration power of luxury vehicles is one of the vital features that are crucial to the buyers. This feature is complemented with the presence of an advanced entertainment system and cutting-edge navigation technology, for more comfort of the customers.

People with a marginally high income, like young sportsmen, celebrities and businessmen usually own luxury vehicles (“What Your Car Reveals About Your Personality”). They do not worry about the price or fuel efficiency, as long as the car would offer maximum comfort and extravagance. Owners of luxury vehicles are found to be mostly male, high achievers, and seek status through what they drive.


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