Marketing Essays on Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta as a marketing strategy was instituted to take advantage of the social media to popularize its car brand. To spice up their strategy, Chantal Lenard came up with an idea of fiesta movement where online followers were accorded the luxury of the Ford cars adventure. The aim of this marketing strategy was to assist the company to overcome the marketing challenges that have faced the company for a very long time. Such challenges included the ethnic orientation of the car, the styling of the car, gender biases associated with the car, and limitation as far as customer based is concerned. In addition, other challenges included racial preference of the car as well as the common notion that Ford cars are only built to suit the needs of older people (Deighton and Leora 2).

Consequently, the Ford Fiesta strategy targeted at overcoming the challenges mentioned above so that a more inclusive market is achieved. An inclusive market only means a market that comprises the young, genders, racial diversity, and suburb together with the city dwellers. Unfortunately, the campaign was not under the control because there were very many risks that were involved. The risks that were involved include failure to ascertain the competency of the drivers, and overlooking the fact that not all bloggers owned cars in the first place. Furthermore, there were high chances that most of the bloggers were not potential car buyers. Another risk that the campaign involved in was the fact that in the event of any car breaks down during the fiesta; the potential customers could have been scared away (Deighton and Leora 3).

Even though the campaign aimed at attracting diverse customers of age younger than thirty years who were city dwellers, I am not satisfied with the reach of the campaign. In the first place, not all potential customers are active in the social media. Therefore, there are high chances that the campaign excluded most of the potential clients. Consequently, I would advise Chantal Lenard to make a change to a more inclusive and less risky marketing strategy.

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