Marketing Essays on The Four Queens Hotel and Casino

The Four Queens Hotel and Casino


Las Vegas has earned its place on the global map of entertainment. It is known for its luxurious hotels and casinos with almost every street having a hotel. Among those hotels is the Four Queens Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas which was founded in the late 1960s. The Four Queens Hotel has different functions and various forms of entertainment. The casino stands out compared to the discos. Most of the visitors are tourists who are attracted to the different games in the casino such as Blackjack. The casino is strategically situated next to the clubs and restaurants that provide food and drinks for the visitors. It is one of the best casinos in the street, with a capacity of over 1000 guests making it suitable for different events like parties and private gatherings. The hotel also provides a classic wine area with a selection of the best wines. Alsoo, the hotel has a specific floor that is highly recommended for weddings as it offers a beautiful romantic experience. The hotel has many rooms for their guests with a selection to choose from depending on affordability. The gaming slots and tables are numerous, and visitors have a variety of games to choose from.

Roles of Departments in a Casino

The Four Queens Hotel and Casino has different departments. Among them is the Queens Hotel. The hotel has over 600 rooms and over 40 classic guest suites. The hotels are classic and provide resting places for the guests. Guests are required to book room spaces in advance. The hotels also provide overnight stay in the guest rooms for those visiting and are unable to travel home (MacDonald & Eadington, 2008). The hotel department also offers food and beverages in the different restaurants. The marketing department in the Four Queens Hotel and Casino is responsible for adverts and marketing of the slots in the hotel. They advertise the games available in the casinos, offers, and new services (Klebanow, 2002). The marketing department is also responsible for keeping up with the new policies, customer relations, and notifying customers of the various events according to their interests.

The surveillance team in the Four Queens Hotel and Casino is situated in a separate room. It is responsible for monitoring the cameras in the casino. This way, games are fairly played. The surveillance teams provide evidence to the players in case of a cheating incident. The security team ensures that the casino is safe (Wu & Chen, 2015). The team provides that no criminal activities like theft happen in the casino. This way guests feel safe. The slot management team is responsible for the fair allocation of slots in every game thus ensuring guests get fair play in every game. They are expected to ensure the services are available to all the guests.

The table management team is in charge of table games. The Queens’ casino is famous for their roulette table game. The team is responsible for setting the odds. Hence, they ensure keeping up with the odds in other casinos. The accounting department in a casino is in charge of the finances tansacted in the casino. The casino’s daily operations involve money which is in the form of chips. The accounting department values the chips. They are also in charge of the profits of the casino (Klebanow, 2002). They allocate money to different expenses. The human resources team is in charge of all employees in the casino such as hiring, firing, and promotions. They ensure that the employees follow the rules and regulations of the casino.

Current Issues facing the Casino Industry

Despite the success of the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, casinos face many issues in their daily operations. One of the major problems is the emergence of online gaming. This is a threat as most games can now be played online (Klebanow, 2002). The online gaming system tends to be more attractive as it is cheaper compared to playing in the casino. The casinos are at the risk of losing their clients to online gaming. Another challenge is security. Many cases have been reported of people losing their valuables and cash in casinos. Clients tend to keep off from casinos where their security is not assured (Chance, 2017). The Four Queens Casino is located on a street with homeless people and criminals, which makes it challenging to convince customers of their safety in the hotel. Also, in recent years, numerous incidents of theft from employees have also surfaced. For instance, some employees in charge of the table games steal the players’ chips. Theft from the accounting department has been recorded as well.

Tight and strict regulations on gambling have also affected the operations of the casinos. The regulations subject the casino to pay high amounts of tax. The high taxes reduce their profit margin  (Chance, 2017). Another issue facing the Four Queens hotels and Casino is the ratings on the internet.

Basic Principles of running a Successful Casino

Some principles are required to ensure that a casino is operates successfully. The first principle encompasses consistency. A casino should choose a field and stick to the games offered in that field. This way, it will be famed for those specific games. The Four Queens Casino has remained famous over the years due to their roulette game. Secondly, vigorous marketing is important for success; a casino should advertise their events and services. They should come up with attractive and competitive offers (Klebanow, 2002).

Impeccable client services also ensure the successful running of a casino. In addition, it is important to ensure fairness in the games offerings. The management should focus on the meeting the needs of their clients to capture a consistent market, which would ensure sustained business. This will keep them at the top of clients’ preferences. Another principle is great employee’s skills. The people in management shape a business. Consequently, the leaders should be well trained. The directors of Four Queens Casino are highly trained and learned. The employees should have relevant skills in their respective departments, especially for those at the table and board games. For example, an employee should professionally shuffle the cards.

Internal and External Marketing Skills

In casinos, both internal and external marketing skills apply. Queens Hotel and Casino apply internal marketing skills by training their employees. They give bonuses and promotions as a form of motivation to performing employees. As a form of internal marketing, they also offer annual incentives depending on the amount of profit made. External marketing involves communicating to the target clients. Casinos engage in advertisement. The Four Queens Casino often has a billboard in Las Vegas that shows the games available in the casino. They have also created an attractive website that includes their activities and contacts. They also invite travel bloggers to stay at the hotel and give their rating. They have also set up accounts on social media where they upload images from the hotel.

Social and Economic Impact of Casinos

The government receives money in the form of taxes from casinos. The money helps in the development of infrastructure. This is evident in the great infrastructure in Vegas. The casinos employ people in the community. Due to the different working shifts at the casinos, most employees live in proximity to the casinos. In the expansion of Four Queens Hotel and Casino, the management invited a lot of investors. Consequently, the streets around the hotel also benefited as attractive buildings were constructed around the casino.

The casino has both positive and negative social impacts on the community around it. Four Queens Hotel and Casino has raised the standards of living since it provides jobs for the locals making it possible for them to afford comfortable lifestyles. The Four Queens Casino has also provided a favorable environment for the community. They were part of the team that rehabilitated part of the town. Negative social impacts have come up resulting from the casinos. The most distinctive being the rise of gambling addicts. If a casino is constructed in a community, residents tend to visit the casino thereby risking their families’ resources regularly. This has led to an increase in the number of divorce cases. The casinos have also been blamed for thefts in the community.


The Four Queens Hotel and Casino location provides a different experience from adjacent casinos. I would recommend that the casino develops a policy of external advertisements. I recommend that the Four Queens Hotel and Casino communicate with customers in social media as the platform is quickly becoming influential in business activities. They should be active in social media to attract a large customer base. I also recommend the policy of employment of local employees. They should ensure that most of the local employees are from the area. This way, the community will yield a lot of benefits from the casino.

To reduce criminal activities, they should not only increase surveillance in the hotel, but also in the regions surrounding the hotel. This way, customers will be assured of maximum security regardless of the location. Due to the emergence of online gambling, I recommend the setting up of an online gambling platform for Four Queens Hotel and Casino. This way, they will incorporate modern technologies that will guarantee additional profits. The Four Queens Hotel and Casino should also introduce new games as some of the games they provide do not relate to the new generation. They should also upgrade the sports book that has been dormant for an extended period, as the focus shifted from the casino to the hotel sector. They should focus equally on the casinos and upcoming trends.




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