Marketing Research Paper on E-Commerce on the Internet

E-Commerce on the Internet

Electronic commerce refers to the act of trading commodities and services via computer networks. In most cases, this normally involves the use of the internet. Shopping on digital platforms is regarded as a fast and convenient way of shopping. This is in contrast to the physical or real purchase of goods in a store.

However, the majority of consumers consider purchasing items in shops as a convenient way. This occurs after they have conducted research on items online. It is clear that when purchasing products on the internet, this subject clients to various implications. For instance, purchasing goods online is a limitation that affects most merchants. This is because the display of products online may contribute to an inconvenient situation. This happens especially when the items are out of date. As a result, this forces the seller to sell at a cheaper price and within the locality.

Buying of products online also contributes to losing. This is due to a reduction in demand and lack of sales. This implies that merchants who operate on digital basis will have to incur losses in their trade. This is because the returns which they get from the trade will not be in a position to cover costs that were spent on the capital. In addition, merchants who operate online also face stagnation in their trade when clients fail to purchase products.

To entice purchase on the online platform, there is need to offer improved services to consumers. This can be achieved if clients upgrade their way of advertising products hence win the trust of their customers.


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