Marketing Sample Essay on Marketing careers in Kuwait

Marketing careers in Kuwait

Marketing is the procedure of communication that reveals the value of services or products to potential clients. The major objective of this process is to promote the selling operations. Adel and Larry (45), terms marketing to be a vital factor in business that attracts the attention of buyers. It is a concept that fulfills the needs of clients by meeting their demands in business and promoting economy in society.

The growth of economic sector in Kuwait is accredited to availability of huge oil reserves. As a result, this has paved way for marketing careers and opportunities. The oil reserve in Kuwait is the top five across the world. To boost its marketing career, this nation has invented chances to cater for small firms. This has led to increase in marketing and sales experts who are spread across various firms. The immense development in oil industry is also linked to the growth of hospitality industry.

This has fostered competition in hospitality business whereby majority of firms have embraced technology. It is beneficial because it enables them to market their goods to upgrade their competitive gain. For instance, this marketing strategy has increased chances of accessing jobs. For instance, experts in this field develop different design approaches on websites via which they market their brands. The oil industry in Kuwait has experienced growth especially in the banking category. As a result, this has promoted marketing profession by use of various strategies.

Marketing experts also play a significant role of facilitating access of loans in their firms. Evidently, increase in oil returns has enhanced growth in insurance category. To promote their competitive advantage, experts have embraced use of technology to reach a huge population at Kuwait.  The growth in Kuwait has facilitated its economic sector while marketers embrace technology to face competition.


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