Marketing Sample Paper on Business Implementation Plan

Starting the business and taking it off the ground will be a demanding task and an effective implementation plan is required if the business is to perform well. The table below shows the implementation plan that the entrepreneurs for Lightbulb have put in place to accomplish their objectives.

No. Activities Objectives Task Assignment Start Date Duration
1. Identification of the best location for the shop. To find rentable beautiful shops those are easily accessibleand publicly visible.

To choose only the best shop for optimum profitability.

The entrepreneurs will conduct this search and agree on the best place to set up the shop. 1st July 2018 – One month
2. Calculating the tentative operational costs based on logistics planning and obtaining the requisite products for starting the business. To determine whether the owners will be able to sustain operations over the first few months. The entrepreneurs. 1st July 2018 2 weeks
3. Finding additional finances where necessary. To have the entire budget plan ready  for the business to take off. The entrepreneurs 15th July 2018 1 month
4. Aggressive marketing to prospective consumers, such as students by directly reaching out to them. To get as much live access to potential customers as possible. The entrepreneurs with the assistance of hired marketers 1st August 2018 1 month
5. Social media marketing and other activities for promoting. To have as much organic reach to consumers as possible.

To respond to every  query regarding the shop and its products.

The social media marketers. 1st August 2018 1 month.
6. The actual start of operations To officially launch the coffee shop. The owners of the business. 1st September 2018 1 month
7. Monitoring the operations To confirm profitability and thus, conclude on its viability. Business owners 1st September 3 months


  1. Evaluation Plan

To determine whether the business is progressing as projected, the business owners will have to conduct a continuous evaluation of the business process and financial outcomes. Evaluation will be conducted based on the goals in business operations and the key implementation activities. In this regard, the first step is to introduce specialties that can accompany coffee throughout the day. Progress in this area will be determined by customer responses. The Lightbulb coffee shop will provide customer feedback forms to understand the customers’ needs and desires. An increasing demand for the daily specialties will be an indication of success. The shop has to recruit qualified and well- behaved employees that will foster the relationship between the business and its customers. The efficiency of the employees will be determined by the customer reports. Positive reports will indicate good performance. The customers will also be requested to rate each of the workers.

Marketing engagement is meant to drive growth in the business, accomplish the financial goals, and to achieve more than 50%  customer retention. To determine whether these objectives are being fulfilled, the customer attendance rates will be observed. Marketing performance will be evaluated by the rate of influx of new customers while their retention will determine primarily the  quality of service. The other activities will be evaluated based on the achievement of time-bound targets to accomplish the desired goals. In the activity of monitoring operations, the key objective will be to determine whether the business is operating profitably or not.