Mathematics: Sample Essay on Why math is important to our life

Why math is important to our life

One of the daily activities that we do it often is to go to a shop to purchase the products that we need to use. This implies that as we visit the store severally, it is vital for individuals to be aware of the balance that will be returned to them. In this regard, it is essential for people to apply mathematics as they carry on with their daily routine.

For instance, in a situation that incorporates distance from home to school math is applied. To determine increase in temperature that subjects a child to sickness, it requires an individual to understand well math (Bennett, 2014). In overall, all factors in life rely on mathematics. Clearly, life experiences are related to fundamental formulas that apply in math. They incorporate multiplication, addition, division and subtraction. If a person is conversant with math, he cannot be coned in an easy manner if cash is involved.

It is difficult to survive in life when an individual is not good in mathematics. This is because the simple aspects in life rely on the capability of people involved to do proper calculations. A good example is driving around the city. This requires a person to be knowledgeable in mathematics to be in a position to recognize the distance. People perceive math as a subject that is difficult and stressful. However, individuals need to change their attitude towards math and embrace it in a positive way. This is because it serves as a platform that fosters great careers that are linked to science.

The careers include engineering and working as a doctor. Evidently, math is a subject that facilitates progress among human beings. It shapes people’s minds via critical reasoning. Math is an enjoyable and captivating subject especially when it is understood properly. This implies that we cannot survive without math in society.


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