Mathematics: Sample Essay on Effect of Mathematics on the Brain

Effect of Mathematics on the Brain

A number of studies have indicated the outcomes that mathematics imposes on the brain. Research that has conducted scans on the brain reveal attribute to formulas which apply to mathematics to activate the brain. This change is contrasted to the manner in which art affects the brain.

According to Gallagher (2014), 15 individuals who were mathematicians depicted 60 both ugly and beautiful rate of equitation. Researchers further indicated that equations incorporated a huge part of the brain. This happened when an individual perceived and rated an equation in math as beautiful. Evidently, this emotional section of the brain becomes activated and enhances a similar feeling when a person stares a great painting or listens to music. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI shows that scans enhances surges in operations.

This activity takes place in relation to formulas that are perceived to be very beautiful. Research also depicts that to determine whether an individual is smart in math, it does not rely so much on childhood intelligence. Stanford University decided to conduct a study that incorporated 28 children who their ages ranged from 7 to 9 years. These children were given problem of which researchers expected them to find their solutions. Equally, researchers conducted a scan on their brains which they recorded with aid of MRI machine.

They took note the rate at which children responded to questions and part of their brains that were active. This study was repeated after a year on the same children. The outcome of the research indicated that children concentrated on finding facts rather than counting numbers. The same study was conducted among elder individuals and the youth. The results were that brains of children solved maths problems differently in contrast to that of adults.


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