Meaning of Quality to Kawai as an Organization and the Implications

With other competitive, similar and cheap products from South Korea, China and the well-known Yamaha, quality means producing pianos with a distinctive attribute that can be used as a standard of measure by the customers. Quality means that Kawai must strive to attain the gold standard set up by companies such as Steinway. Kawai as an organization must attempt to build a reputation by ensuring high standard products characterizes the name and image of the company. For instance, Kawai has not managed to outdo Steinway in a series of years because Steinway has established a vision for themselves and they are incomparable to any other product across the globe. It should be noted that musicians looking for something rare and of good quality. Therefore, Kawai aims at achieving gold standards by investing in the standard of pianos produced to satisfy the different needs of customers.

There are a variety of implications to Kawai as an organization when it comes to considering quality. Producing high standard pianos implies that Kawai must invest in vital tools such as research and development, embracing technology and innovation, and employing an experienced human resource team. Research and development play an essential role as it ensures the best quality of sound with enhanced tone and consistency of touch. Technology solves all operational issues. For instance, the analysis software helps in analyzing a variety of materials that can be used for developing a quality tone. The human resource team are experienced and innovative and work together with manufacturers to ensure that the highest quality piano is designed. The relation between these factors provides customer satisfaction which is attained by improving the quality of products.

Benefits of Kawai Obtaining Certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2015

BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification is one of the most coveted international certifications attributed to manufacturing excellence which is of great importance as it led to the realignment of demanding goals for product quality. The certification benefited the company by restating all the factory processes and procedures in the production of pianos. The certification plays a vital role in quality auditing, and this ensures that customers are confident of the products they buy from Kawai. The certification provides increased customer satisfaction with the products from Kawai. Satisfaction to customers’ means there are fewer or no complaints from customers by ensuring that the products are working correctly at all times. For instance Kawai was committed to have specialized technicians fly to homes of those who had bought any of their products to ensure that they are working correctly.

The certification is also a benefit to Kawai Company because it ensures that there is an improvement in efficiency, reduction of waste and saving of money. Reduction in waste is evident at Kawai by the excellence in environmental management that is seen when the company utilizes the unused pieces of wood which are turned into children’s toys, and this is through the diligent efforts set by personnel to conserve energy on a single day. The commitment that is evident at Kawai is not only focused on customers but also to the surrounding world. The commitment helps in ensuring that customers get the best services and hence more sales are made, and that is why there is only one company that has outpaced Kawai. The efforts help in attaining international recognition and play a significant role in the quality of products and satisfaction to customers.