Medical Science Outline Paper on Chickenpox

Medical Science Outline Paper on Chickenpox

Title: Chickenpox

Thesis: The paper discusses epidemiological background, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of Chickenpox.

  1. Introduction

Provides background information of Chickenpox

  1. Epidemiological background

Examines medical and historical data about Chickenpox

  • Symptoms

Outlines signs and symptoms of disease

  1. Diagnosis

Evaluates how to detect and discover the occurrence of Chickenpox

  1. Treatment

Evaluates treatment procedures and how to prevent occurrence of Chickenpox

  1. Prognosis

Evaluates potential outcome of Chickenpox including short and long term effects


Statistical Summary of Chickenpox

Source: Jon Lieff. The Remarkable Intelligent Varicella Virus., Feb. 23, 2014


Annotated bibliography

Guilfoile, Patrick. Chicken Pox. New York: Chelsea House, 2010. Print.

The author outlines details about chickenpox by affirming that it takes a lot of courage for an individual to live well and comfortable with any Chickenpox ailment. The author further point out that support through love and affection is vital for all patients living with medical conditions and it is needful to make them feel in control to prevent illnesses from controlling them. The author confirms that stress always sets in to individuals with medical conditions; according to him creation of awareness and understanding of medical conditions at hand is important in such situations.

The book is highly readable and essential for readers of all ages as it enlightens on the essential issues of myriad medical conditions including chickenpox. According to the author diagnosis of Chickenpox is clinical and is often based on the extent and characteristic of rashes present in the body, in adults with complex manifestations, the disease is often associated with a more widespread rash coupled with prolonged fever and increased likelihood of complications.

The book effectively defines the Chickenpox; examine background history, highlights on symptoms, prevention and treatment. The book is recommended for medical advanced research studies for students and researchers as it exhaustively discusses Chickenpox medical condition.


Powell, Jillian. Chickenpox. North Mankato, MN: Cherrytree Books, 2007. Print.

The author of this book outlines the importance of staying healthy all the times despite individuals having to deal with bouts of illnesses or injuries. The source material explores into details information about Chicken pox, its origin, background information, symptoms and how it can be prevented among members of community. The book gives an in-depth exploration and examination of Chickenpox and its impacts to health and economical condition of people.

The book is arranged in sub-sections with each section providing insightful information and statistics about Chickenpox. In one chapter, the book points out that there is no cure for Chickenpox since the virus clears up by itself without any meaningful treatment. However, patients need to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with itchy spots on the body through the use of painkillers, ensuring that the body is well hydrated, reduced body scratching, cool clothing and use of antiviral medicine. The author confirms that prognosis of Chickenpox comprises duration of experiencing the disease, chances of complications associated with the disease, probable outcomes, and ability of one to recover from the disease, amount of time taken to recover, survival rates and death rates which are extremely unpredictable.

The book is written in simple language and has detailed information that an individual needs to know about chickenpox. The book is recommended for medical researchers, health policy makers, students and all medical practitioners.