Microsoft Company and Human Resource Management Sample Essay

Microsoft Company and Human Resource Management

In the recent past, Microsoft Company has been closely associated with various human resource practices that aim at enhancing its operations in global trading fanfare. These are activities behind its success since its establishment in 1980s. Its founder is well renowned for his incredible contribution in the entrepreneurial platform within the human resource department.

Capacity and enterprise building are some of the measures responsible for the growth of Microsoft Company. In 1990s, the company is known to have hit its market in market supply, a credential that can only be attached to Steve Ballmer. Different human resource practices instigated by Steve Ballmer are also known to be the reasons behind the company’s current success.

Additionally, Bill Gates considered the recruitment of employees as one of the determinant factors towards the company’s overall success. Gates in his concept believed in attracting and employing the best as well as the brightest for his company. This is a stratified mechanism that enabled Microsoft Company to achieve amazing returns within the shortest time possible.

This employment mechanism element also made it possible for the company to manage adversities that were occasioned by incompetence of staff members. Gates also had preference for top college graduates as well as non-graduates who had considerably played a role in research and promotion of operational interests of the company.

The strategy of attracting top scholars for the company’s professional’s services enabled the company to deliver high performance. High performance concept is also inscribed in the magnitude of understanding workforce and knowledge, something that was only common amongst new recruits. The second human resource management introduced by the Microsoft Company’s workforce involved adoption of caffeine culture at place of work.

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Caffeine environment ensured hard work and created ideal innovation platforms that propelled the company to achieve greater heights. It also created a good foundation in which the company could acquire new techniques in management dynamic and contemporary computer department. In this relevance, Gates with other fraternity in the management created a programming platform that kept staff members at a spirit of innovation and enterprising.

The culture of caffeine was also sensitive to plights of workers and it advocated for creation of comfortable and executive working environment for staff members. The spirit of innovation and hard work was therefore complemented by good remuneration and comfort, an issue that the culture introduced. Besides inherent incentives created by caffeine culture, there were consequential effects that became very evident because staff could work for long hours.

Some of human resource practices that led to high performance of the company include progressive approach through stretch and challenge. Using this platform, Microsoft Company came up with the strategy of employing smart and hard core staff. According to Bill Gates and his colleagues, competent staff can be resilient to challenging work environments especially where the chores are accessioned.

Individual resilience also enhances immunity within the organization thus, challenging circumstances that could otherwise hinder good performance already established. These are practices that are complemented by motivations and rewards by different staff capacities.

Microsoft Company employed human resource approach that appears to be complete and sufficient. The company nonetheless makes the company’s employment platform straight especially in meeting regional balancing and diverse inters. This move is also aimed at culminating potential resistance in agitation to favoritism in human resource employment.

The issue of employment as well as diversity is also best resolved bearing in mind that regional balance is offering jobs based on the fact that the company has global appeal. With such a recommendation in place, Microsoft Company stands to benefit from social good will as well as the confidence have been created with the public.

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