Movie Review on The Heiress

The Heiress

Analyzing the second half of the play ‘The Heiress,’ I noticed that there is change in the way that Catherine expresses herself. She suddenly becomes distant and boring, which was different when she was hopeful during her adolescence days. Evidently, these turn of events took place when Morris abandoned her.

Later after two years, Morris asks for forgiveness and returns to meet Catherine. In spite of his disappearance, he ends up judging the anger that Catherine had. Morris appears to be charming as he entices her making it hard for him to notice her revengeful mission. In the process, Catherine declares that it was too late for Morris to seek for forgiveness. However, she is at the same time carried away by his seductive moves. As a result, she ends up accepting his proposal to marry her.

Catherine changes her mind late in the evening when Morris comes to pick her. She decides to leave and ignores her promise to marry him. She becomes complicated as she indulges in her needle work and also changes the way she expresses herself. As Morris calls upon her, she only listens and frown her face (Brandie, 2010). At this point, she is filled with power and pride and ascends to her room as she ignores Morris’ knock on the door.

In this play, it is clear that Morris had no proper intentions when he left Catherine. This is because Catherine’s father had planned to disown her if Catherine proceeded to marry him. The audience also learns that after his father died, he left her with fortune to inherit. This explains why she was staying alone in a huge mansion. She developed an attitude of rejecting any form of compassion or compliments. From this scene, viewers understand that Catherine had a reason to show resentment. This was contributed by her father’s act of abuse and the betrayal she encountered from Morris.


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