Movie Review on Twelve years of a Slave

Twelve years of a Slave

The narration ’12 years of a slave’ incorporates two family structures that are young parents and extended family unit. Solomon became a slave when he already had a partner and children. This happened when Solomon was a respected personality in society. Later, Solomon realized that his daughter had been married with a child after he was freed from slavery.

The film further depicts how younger families are composed of parents who have conceived children. These children are faced with social stigma which implies that they need to be supported both emotionally and financially. The movie also reveals how extended families by Solomon had a strong attachment to a relative who did not exist (Boyd-Franklin, 2013). This means that there is cohesion in a family structure when there is availability of cousins, aunts and uncles.

Clearly, it is important for a family to embrace spirituality. For instance, when Solomon and his fellow slaves praised God, they were freed. It was crucial for slaves to know God to meet their family obligations. In general, factors that influence the family include divorce, losing a loved one and jobs. In regard to the narration 12 years of a slave, Solomon’s family lost a member. This was Solomon who left the family worried and disappeared without informing his wife. This contributed to stress in the family, and even after they re-united it was difficult to maintain family ties.

At this point, the family needed counseling to strengthen its bond. In addition, Solomon was expected to live a life that was not restricted to slavery. Currently, the stress of life revolves around social problem that include loss of jobs. On return, Solomon found out that his wife had made efforts to ensure that the family was in good condition. In real life, people must also learn how to face trouble to foster unity in families.



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