Music Essays on Reading Response

Reading Response

Response One

Remarks Wallace made regarding what made her racist nationalist

Wallace became a racist nationalist because she had several Asian friends whom she saw undergo various struggles to achieve a significant transformation as artists in the United States. Though she could make sarcastic comments regarding the way in which Asians behaved in their Library Songs that were posted on social media, for instance, the manner in which they answered their phones; she indeed appreciated the talent possessed by Chinese artists such as Chong Ling Long.

Ways Wong benefit from his race and sexuality in the musical production

Wong managed to acquire a production website that helped in promoting his musical production career. His production website such as ISA has been a voice and a face for the Asian Americans in the music mainstream world. Through collaboration with YouTube, Wong has benefited from publicizing and programming different events. On the other hand, his sexuality made him a model minority just like his cultural difference as an Asian American as he used this image to attract more fans who related to him especially the LGBT group in America who helped in supporting his musical career.

Ways Youtube changed Balance’s notion of “authenticity” in terms of performance

YouTube not only provided ways for people to host videos but also enabled them to make videos that could go viral creating a wider notion of authenticity when it comes to creating publicity. This is one way which minority groups such as Asian Americans could become stars. Among the list of Asian Americans that became popular include Ryan Higa, Wong Fu and Kevin Wu. These are individuals who could not have gotten a chance to become famous because of the discrimination.

Meaning of model minority

Model minority is a group of individuals from various races or religions who are mainly seen or perceived as higher achievers in the society. In most cases, their level of achievement is determined by their socioeconomic success which is often measured based on their level of income, stability and education. The main subject in this ideology is individuals such as Asian Americans and Japanese Americans or the American Jews. This is because they fall under the minority groups based on their social background which is the object in this ideology.

Response Two

What is dragging and drag queens

Dragging is a commercial performance whereby the actors depict the complex nature of sexual and gender dynamics which are contributed mainly by a shift in balance in the ways in which people view homosexuals in the society. On the other hand, drag queens are gay people who masquerade themselves as women with the main intention of criticizing the roles that different genders play in the society.

Reasons drag queens perform drag shows

The reasons for performing the drag shows is to depict the wider American culture especially in regards to identity issues which many people have been using to determine sexuality and gender among people in the society. In their shows, the drag queens mainly challenge the norm that has been set by the society especially the dominant groups specifically individuals who are straight.

 Ways in which the authors calls the drag queens in third person

While on stage, the drag queens mainly refer to themselves with the gender which they are trying to impersonate. For instance, while on stage, a man who impersonates themselves as female gay will be referred to as a “she” but things will change while offstage as they will be called by their real gender.

Role of scholar’s in the society

The scholar’s role has been to empower the people with the right knowledge regarding the culture of people in the society. Taylor and Rupp being among the scholar’s in the society have used the article to empower the people regarding the culture of the gay people as seen through various performances. Through the use of the drag queens, they have elaborated the ways in which these particular individuals behave, dress, relate with others and also talk. The aim is to make the readers to understand the ways of gay people in the society.