Narcissistic Personality Disorder Sample Essay

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health condition that inflates people with a sense of their own importance and a deep urge for admiration. Those with this kind of disorder believe that they are more superior to others, thus, have very little regard for the feelings of other people. However, behind the mask of ultra confidence that is worn by these people, lies a very fragile self esteem that can be easily washed away by even the slightest criticism.

Symptoms of Narcissistic personality disorder

In order for an individual to be diagnosed with Narcissistic personality disorder, there are certain signs that they must depict. Below are some of the signs that can be relied upon in order to tell if an individual has the disorder or not.

  • The patient has a grandiose sense of self worth for instance, exaggerates his or her achievements and talents in order to be recognized
  • Preoccupation of fantasies of unlimited power, success, beauty or even ideal love.
  • The individual believes that h or she is unique and special that he or she can only associate with or be understood by people with status and class.
  • Has the need for excessive admiration
  • Exploitative of others in order to achieve his or her needs
  • Lack of empathy; the individual is not willing to recognize the feelings of others
  • Envious of others, also thinks that others are envious of him or her.
  • Arrogance

These symptoms often become significant at adulthood. In fact, that is even the recommended stage at which Proofreading-Editingdiagnosis should be done. It is not advisable to carryout diagnosis for the condition to children and teenagers since at there are still undergoing several psychological and physical changes. Thus, it may not be easy to tell whether it is as a result of their maturity or Narcissistic personality character.

This condition is common in males and its intensity often decreases with age unlike other forms of mental health conditions.


To date, researchers have not been able to discover the actual causes of Narcissistic personality behavior. However, it is believed that most cases result from social, genetic or biological factors. The way a person interacts with other people in child hood can have great impacts on their personality once they grow up. This is a suggestion that there is no specific cause for the condition. It can be a complex combination of both. The condition can also be hereditary.

Treatment of Narcissistic disorder

The only ideal treatment that has been applied in addressing cases of narcissistic personality disorder is prolonged psychotherapy. However, it is important to always find a therapist with expertise and experience in handling mental health conditions like this one.

Research has shown that most people who have narcissistic personality disorder often avoid going to seek treatment on their own. This can only put the patient at risk, thus, it is important that you contact psychiatrist in case you are suspecting that someone close to you is showing symptoms of this health condition.

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