National Football League Essay

National Football League

The National Football League is a professional American football league in the United States consisting of 32 league teams.  In line with League (2002), the league had its first Super Bowl in 1967, one week after Christmas as well as after it had penned a quite crucial pact to merge with the competitor American Football League. The league has a 17-week season with each of the 32 teams taking part in 16 games, whereby the champion is chosen following success in the Super Bowl clash. Each team can accumulate more than 50 players, however only 46 are entitled to play. The league has enticed many supporters, making it the most prevalent sports league in America. These days, the Super Bowl has expanded into the leading sporting event in the globe. From the time when it was inaugurated, the league goes on to appeal to more followers, and it now stands with more than 120 million each week in the course of the season. It has mixed its wealthy culture for many years with exceptional tactics to entertain fans as well as turn into core sports venture in the world, making close to 10 billion seasonally. Regardless of this vast earnings, the NFL is a non-profit association classified as a 501(c) 6 organization, because of the nature of its undertakings.

The NFL is amongst the numerous corporate leagues that undertake their ventures on seasonal basis, and not on systematic basis as other profit-making corporations do. For this reason, being a specialized football league, it is categorized as a 501(c) 6 organization, preventing its investors from making any personal gains from the total profits.  Quinn (2012) restates that no part of the total profits of the corporation represents merit to a person, the profits entirely mount up for the corporation. The NFL business merits not only from the sale of tickets to fans, but also to the many fans as well as supports worldwide who rely on live broadcast on TVs and radio stations. As a result, in the course of the season, the National Football League collates a considerable amount of income, which makes it easy to flourish each and every season. The verity that the NFL is not classified as a 501(c) 6 organization make it free from paying tax as it is a non-profits corporation. Nevertheless, every single team is subjected to taxation as they are focused on making profits when presents with the opening. The NFL association acquires its money thanks to the 32 member teams that make it easy for it to thrive seasonally.

The league is made up of three core executives incorporating the commissioner, treasurer and secretary, with each undertaking specific and designated functions. The executive officer who is selected by a confirmatory vote of two-third of the league members works as the commissioner and is given the power to control the league, making sure that all the necessities, policies as well as other stipulated conditions are satisfied completely. In addition, the commissioner employs the secretary and the treasurer, and also participates in resolving arguments between clubs, workers, coaches and players, incorporating watching over the behavior of each shareholder in the NFL. As stated by Lawrence & Weber (2014), the goods and services provided by the NFL association incorporate player aide services, entertainment, and a fan gear like jerseys and hats.

Two core external environment facets impact NFL success, which incorporate the client setting and the political
setting. The triumph of the NFL depends greatly on the clients who watch numerous games controlled by the corporation. They are the motivation for the success of the league as they purchase both the goods and service provided by the corporation. The NFL is likely to collapse if the clients do not offer their backing when it comes to subscribing to the corporation’s services or purchase available goods. In contrast, Lawrence & Weber (2014) expounds that the legal setting serves an essential function in the triumph of the league corporation via the stipulated polices and rules to control its means of running the venture. If the state inflicts harsh regulation as well as policies to control the manner the corporation undertakes it operations, the effectiveness of the company may be destroyed, as thus will serve as an obstacle to its operations to boost is success in the market.

There are three noticeable shareholders in NFL organization and they duties and connection with the corporation Proofreading-Editingare essential as their presence. Initially, the management of the NFL firm is the core shareholder of the company as it holds power and authority to command the growth of the corporation. In line with League (2002), the administration is accountable for the behavior of the team, coaches and also players, as it controls the undertakings caused by the corporation. The other shareholder is the sponsors of each team and the teams themselves are quite essential in the company as the verity that their backing guarantees the presence of the team via their monetary backing and also technical guidance on core problem impact the respective teams. The teams’ withdrawal from the NFL could lead to harmful effect on the company, as income will considerably reduce and at last cause downfall of the company in its undertakings.

Eventually, the clients are relevant shareholders of the NFL. The income gathered seasonally is increased by the backing of the clients who use the corporation’s goods and rejoice in their services. Specifically, they have the authority and ability to pull out their subscription from the corporation, by not watching the games planned by NFL-which might denote that the corporation could stop its undertakings because of lack of enough backing from the community. This expounds why the community is essential when it comes to effectiveness of any venture. As Willis (2010) explains, the venture in return, must start business duties as they do not run in an empty space and their undertaking impact the community in many ways.

Initial shareholders have an apparent impact on the monetary productivity of the NFL. As a result, their presence impact the general economic performance of the league in the economy. That is to say, a surge in the subscription of the number of clients who want to watch games organized by the NFL could depict a rise in profit gathering. The reverse is factual in the situation of a decrease in the number of subscribers. In addition, the backing of funders and proprietors of each team is essential in regard to the finance strength of the NFL. Proprietors and sponsors run their team exceptionally well to make sure that they make revenues in the course of the season, and it is via these earnings that the teams remunerate their membership levies and debt. Additionally, the players as well as outstanding shareholders that impact the monetary status of the NFL. Lawrence & Weber (2014) elucidates that players have more than 45 percent stake of the league income and ought to surge, it would considerably impact the economic status of the NFL. Further, the administration also has a straightforward connection to the economic status of the corporation from the commissioner, secretary to the treasurer. In case the administration misuses the revenues, the monetary performance of the corporation will considerably shrink, causing absolute collapse of its revenue productivity. Thus, appropriate administration will disregard these practices and in their place cause encouraging economic performance.

As said by Lawrence & Weber (2014), one vastly debated corporate social responsibility issues linked with the NFL is its yearly cancer campaign dubbed “A Crucial Catch”. The central debate is the verity that the NFL and its corporate associates are utilizing the campaign to mainly grow its reputation, still it fails to contribute to this action. Its core objective is to entice new clients without having to devote itself when aiding to eradicate breast cancer causes. As the leading force of the most influential shareholder union, I would make use of the backing of my associates focusing on convincing the NFL to deal with this contentious matter. This would include an official summoning of all members of this powerful shareholder team and make them well-versed with matter. I would then expound in details how the matter is more subtle, as well as how it could impact the status of the NFL in general. This would include cores steps to ascertain the coalition team members, starting with the identification of the drive for forming the coalition, gathering of essential material, as well as the thought of the possible measures to undertake and solve the issue.

Creating this coalition team would aid to deal with the matter as well as meet the objective as it will be an official tactic to the matter whilst  emphasizing on the concern of the group. Moreover, as a group, the matter will be undertaken cautiously, and instant resolution will be offered straightaway. In an attempt to nurture collaboration amongst the numerous target teams, there will be a desire to give duties to each group, and make sure that each duty successfully undertaken. Enhancing cohesion amongst the members will as well be another issue in meeting this objective, as a group.

On the other hand, there are possible difficulties faced as a leader, I will have to encounter the struggle to spur several shareholders to build alliance in quest of solving this contentious matter. These difficulties may incorporate monetary difficulties, where group members may demand some allowances for their commitment to solving the issue. In addition, it is probable that certain people will not be prepared to work together, thus making it hard to deal with the issues as required. On top of this, it is likely to encounter resistance from certain shareholders asserting that creating an alliance would not be suitable as a way of dealing with the issue. From this viewpoint, it would be wise to initially expound the issue to all shareholders and the looming consequence if we stay mum on the issue. This will ensure that I will rally for their backing, act within set time for a fruitful solution, as well as take suitable safety measures to cater for the whole situation.

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