Notes on Psychology


  1. A close relationship entails parties that understand well the decisions that they make and inner aspect of their lives.
  2. The level of trust in a close relationship determines the roots on how they get attracted to each other on interpersonal level.
  3. Loneliness refers to a psychological reaction that subjects an individual to isolation. Conversely, social anxiety is when an individual does not feel comfortable and develop a behavior that makes him to judge others.
  4. The dynamics of love is evident in partners who demonstrate care, understanding and being attached to each other.
  5. Attachment is related to interpersonal relationship when it fosters the participants to assist each other when need arises to strengthen their bond.
  6. Growth in interpersonal relationship is clear when individuals share aspects of their lives that they perceive to be worthwhile and motivates them to improve their relation.
  7. According to evolutionary theory, mate selection incorporates biological attraction and the body experiences that a person faces when he is sexually attracted to the other.
  8. In the society, a person can attract a mate based on his or her physical traits. This involves pretty face in women and well built muscles in men.
  9. Close relationships begin when individuals secure time to cater for each other.  The further evolve when partners share good moments such as going out for dinner.
  10. Evaluation of a relationship is done on basis of their happiness, respect and the mutual respect that couples share.
  11.  A communal relationship is when a partner become part of the other’s welfare without expecting payment.
  12. In a matter of time relationship encounter changes when partners share moments and secrets and feel that they belong together. However, if they no longer feel attracted and understand each other, it breaks up.
  13. In response to conflict in a relationship, the strategy that couples embrace is to discuss and resolve their issues.
  14. Apocalypse has four concepts that include stone walling, criticisms, contempt and defensiveness.
  15. Friendships are the kind of relationships that parties involved offer help to each other in times of need.


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