Nursing Assignment Paper The evidence for evidence-based practice implementation

NR 706 Week 6

Question 1

Healthcare professionals can harness the information system applications to support the use of evidence-based practice (EBP). Normally, the decision about use of EBP  is subject to an individual’s discretion of the use of the research evidence. While some healthcare professionals may be familiar with research evidence, others are not, and this raises the risk for errors especially when changing shifts. To ensure access of evidence based information to all staffs, the stakeholders of an institution needs to integrate evidence based information into the clinical information system and encourage the implementation of the EBP by nurses and specialist (Titler, 2008). Access to information and knowledge are requisite for supporting evidence-based and experiential decision, and patient safety in addition to care continuum (Moen & Knudsen, 2013). Hospitals can integrate all the research evidence in the hospital information system (IS) with applications to facilitate ready access of evidence-based guidelines on a procedure or treatment.

Question 2

According to Joos et al. (2005), IS is used to collect data and record data of all patients treated within a healthcare facility for different purposes, such as assessment and monitoring, devolpment of care plan, preparation of reminders and work list, care documentations and identification of goal accomplishment. The knowmledge and evidence stored in the IS can be used to support nursing education through facilitating teaching and managing the process (Joos, et al., 2005).

IS can also be used to facilitate healthcare research. Statistical applications in the IS can be used to interprete research data into meaning information applicable to care. Based on de Moraes Barbosa and de Sena (2011), technology applications integral to IS enable organizations to produce and obtain sufficient data within a short time. IS can assist with documentation, retrieval and analysis of data obtained from research to translate it into meaningful practice. Therefore, the development of the IS tools can in the dissemination of scientific data withnin organizations.



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