Nursing Essay on Opinion on Technology on Benefits and Future Trends

Opinion on Technology: Benefits and Future Trends

Technology without doubt is revolutionizing every sector including healthcare. Innovations as a result of technological advancements are enabling things to be done in efficient, effective, and professional ways. I agree that robotics have played significance roles in the healthcare sector today. Considering its real time nature, life threatening diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attacks among others will be manageable in professional ways. The robotics used in treating stroke is definitely an incredible innovation in my view. Its ability to treat patients who are miles away from doctors through assessment and neurological tests qualifies as professional treatment. Conversely, I also believe that video simulations may not be quite engaging as RTLS robots. Robotics will continue to save more lives considering the fact that they help health practitioners globally in the improvement of patient care (Chang & Kim, 2013).   Such tools should open-heartedly be embraced in the healthcare sector.

Dream Technology: Anti-aging ray technology

Apart from RTLS technology, there are other issues such as age that affects most people in the world today. People are concerned with age advancements mainly because of appearance and inability to efficiently and effectively perform duties. The most common remedy to this problem has been implants and plastics surgeries. Many celebrities prefer this technique despite having negative effects such as immature death or wrong drug prescriptions. For example, it is common to hear of booty and breast implants by most people today. This is mainly because as one ages, physical appearance also ages. What if an anti-aging technology was to be developed in future? This technology may require a person to pass through anti aging rays and remain physically the same in his or her entire life. This means that an eighty year old person would have a physical appearance as if he or she was thirty years of age. With such technology, implants and plastic surgeries that do not last long would be history.




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