Nursing Essays on My Future Career Sample

Nurses play an important role in the lives of patients. It is the nurse’s duty to provide medication, assist in diagnosis, and monitor the progress of the patients during treatment. Most importantly, nurses are the source of communication with their patients given the interactive nature on a daily basis. Nurses provide strength and reassurance even when there is no hope, put on a friendly face to lighten the moods of the patients among other function. Nurses are not only healers; they are role models and leaders who serve at the pleasure of others.

A nurse needs to put the needs of the patients before personal needs. My work as a Home Health Aid is one of the push factors towards pegging my career on nursing. Positivity is my biggest strength that helps me manage difficult situations if need arises. The communication between nurses and patients is not limited to health matters only; it can be casual to create a free environment that is good for patient’s recovery. Spreading joy and making patients laugh creates a genuine impact in lives of people. It helps create confidence towards the ability of a nurse and brings about reassurance towards proper care.

The success towards anything depends on the determination and love of the job. The dedication towards my job brings out perfection and demands more towards achieving it. As such, hard work is required both at home and during my job which creates a balance that helps bring out positive results. As a nurse, people look up to me, including my kids. As a role model, the young ones emulate the characters and choices in life that will determine their future. As such, I believe I will be able to influence positively the lives of people around me. Being a nurse is my passion and I would do everything possible to ensure success is given consideration as a candidate for the program.