Nursing Essays on User-Friendly Health Care Informatics Systems

User-Friendly Health Care Informatics Systems 307 4.1

Health care informatics systems include the electronics as well as information technology that are used by healthcare professionals when attending to patients. It is important that health care informatics systems be user-friendly to prevent any complications or problems that may arise during the delivery of services or interactions between health care experts and patients (Toromanovic, Hasanovic & Masic, 2010). In my encounters with informatics systems, they have been user-friendly as they can be accessed, understood, and used without major challenges. In my encounters with electronic health records, which fall under healthcare informatics, it has often been easy to access, use, and understand the same when dealing with patients. In the context of informatics systems, learnability refers to the capability of such systems to enable the user, mostly physicians, and nurses, to learn how to use them. In my encounter with health care informatics system, sufficient training enabled me to learn how to use the system effectively. Still, in the health care informatics context, the term efficiency can be defined as the ability to avoid wasting energy, efforts, or resources in the delivery of health care services to patients or the production of desired results in the health care context. Informatics systems play an integral role in enhancing effectiveness when it comes to the delivery of health care services to patients.

Memorability, also an important perspective when it comes to the use of health care informatics, refers to the quality or state of which health care providers remember how to use such systems. With sufficient training and the fact health care informatics are user-friendly, memorability is often enhanced. In fact, it is often easy for health care providers to use these systems even after being away from them.

Health care professionals and practitioners often encounter errors while using health care informatics systems. Some of the errors I have previously encountered while using the health care informatics system include incorrect entry of data, incorrect transmission of data, and the unnecessary loss of information (Agrawal, 2009). Such errors can affect the normal functioning of a health care informatics system making it hard for other users to access or understand how they are used. Despite the errors encountered while using such a system, it is satisfactory as it makes the delivery of health care services fast and easy. The system also helps when it comes to confidentiality, which is one of the key expectations of health care providers and patients.



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