Nursing Paper on American Healthcare System

American Healthcare System

Americans must benefit from a well-coordinated and strong public health system considering the role of the sector in ensuring a nation’s health. It is important to note that the system should be effective based on delivery, financing, management and sustainability. American health system is characterized by clinicians, hospitals, insurance plans and other facets that work in conduit with different stakeholders and networks.

Delivery of services is done by stakeholders that include health care institutions, voluntary organizations, government and non-governmental organizations. Delivery has been faced by a series of problems that encompass financing, organization and delivery networks. This in return has interfered with service delivery considering how the sector is economically vulnerable. The private sector has been on the forefront in delivering healthcare services though it has not been effective and thus prompts the population to access services in government institutions.

It has been established that American government coffers bulk of the services provided in the healthcare system (Shi & Singh, 2015). Even though the government pays substantial amount per head for a small fraction of its population, majority of the people are often left to fend for themselves using private insurance plans. Financing of healthcare services has not been effective leaving the country with the largest population of people in the world without access to healthcare. Studies have exposed that American healthcare system has largely been unsustainable and thus ineffective in service provision (Yesalis., Politzer & Holt, 2012). This is because the healthcare system has failed to meet expectations and largely offers substandard patient and healthcare services.

Issues that prompt healthcare reforms in America include the fact that the government spends a lot on healthcare than other countries, regulation of the sector by the government, mismanagement by private providers whose services are skewed towards profit at the expense of service delivery. Moreover, it has been revealed that reforms are prompted by the prevalence of chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes that ensure that patients use prescription drugs daily (Niles, 2014).



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