Nursing Paper on Nursing Management of Units or Facilities

Nursing management of units or facilities is one of the situations I have never experienced in my nursing career. Nursing managers control every aspect of clinical units and oversee how nursing practitioners monitor and provide care to patients. Nursing managers often have the authority and power to approve care-related issues although some of them showcase ineffective leadership (Frandsen 2). This week’s reading further emphasizes the role of managers or leaders in the nursing context in the statement that “Leaders in the field of nursing are often people who have self-confidence when providing care and who can accomplish change to make situations better for patients, colleagues, and themselves.”

To demonstrate effective leadership in the nursing management of a unit or facility, as the nurse manager, I showcase a positive attitude. This would enable me to win respect and trust of the nursing staff and other nursing experts. With this, I would exhibit effective leadership that would influence and make me a mentor and role model for others (Frandsen 4). With positive attitudes at nursing facilities, professional standards are maintained hence significantly influencing and enabling the growth of experienced and competent practitioners.

Also, to demonstrate effective leadership in the nursing management of units of facilities, I would apply evidence-based practice within the nursing facility that would positively influence the facility’s effectiveness. This would be demonstrated through the delivery of safe and quality patient care. This would also enable effective approaches to clinical decision making that ensures quality healthcare delivery (Frandsen 5). Besides, the evidence-based practice would enable the process of integrating research into the facility.

Overall, leadership roles in the past years have experienced several challenges. As such, people who admire and aspire to showcase these leadership and management roles need to comprehend more about the positions before taking up the roles. This would pave the way for effective leadership styles and effectiveness of the nursing facilities.



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