Nursing Paper on Teamwork at a community physician office

A team consists of two or more people who share a common goal and have a specific role. Furthermore members of the team are expected to exchange information because each has a specific skills and knowledge that enables members coordinate and communicate to promote patient safety.

Teamwork plays a critical role in providing healthcare .The American medical colleges has promoted the aspect of communication and cooperation within the physician environment (Taplin et al 236).

Members  work together in different areas such as  delivery wards , children wards and operating rooms which has resulted to reduced infant mortality rate .Nurses and other health professionals such as technician and pharmacists  coordinate to make efficient  patient safety and care .Health workers perform individual work while still functioning in various roles having the same goal for the benefit of the patient care .Team work is very crucial in patient recovery and its being taught to practitioners to improve their skills and staff job satisfaction. Remarkable resources and skills learned in the   team environment within the physician office have reduced wrong sided surgeries.

Working as  a team produce excellent work rather than working as an individual (Kreps 296).Therefore   team work can be improved by rewarding good performance which will boost the physician morale, encourage social activities which maybe informal for  example meeting over coffee, which will build a sense of comradeship between the team members .By identifying existing problems  members  are able to discuss issues collectively the moment they arise and come to a common agreement rather than letting the issue to grow (Ruggiano et al 294) .Outlining clearly each roles of the members  increases  the productivity  of the work that is done hence improving patient care.


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