Nursing: Sample Essay on Best practices for Conducting Health Assessments

Best practices for Conducting Health Assessments

The first step reflects change technique which is an assessment that evaluates individual’s capability to change via a sequence of stages. It is a procedure that facilitates consideration of evidence which happens in the entire process. The inherent outcome normally reveals the progress and the requirements of patients.

Another practice is the ACE star approach of skills improvement. This model incorporates a huge sense of which the issue is being part of the procedure. It exhibits various forms of knowledge while their research is shifted via different cycles. This is connected with other information that is put into practice. In addition, the Joanna Briggs approach is evidence related to health care. The purpose of this model is to upgrade health across the community. This is vital because it expands health of leaders in sections of health care.

Aspects incorporated in health assessments include demographics which aids in handling health assessments. In this aspect, it is necessary to consider individuals who will be part of the assessment. Another aspect is health outcome which revolves around health aspects in contrast to health effects that are noted. Conduits of human exposure are another aspect that reveals exposure to individuals at the time of assessments (Schmitt & Booth, 2012).

Technology and information systems have a positive outcome in the assessment of health. In addition, there has been an advance in the evaluation process. This is inclusive of reduced medical errors and safety. In addition, it also increases value in departments of health. Clearly, when the quality of work upgrades, it eradicates risk in creation. As a result, cost of savings and time enhances the quality of work and production. As a result, this has contributed to networking which facilitates operations in health assessments.

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