Nursing Sample Essay on Nursing


Nursing is a career that handles health matters via provision of care to patients. In this procedure, nurses get to collect details from patients. Additionally, these health practitioners get to diagnose issues that patients encounter, and offer treatment. Nurses have also a responsibility of assessing the recovery procedure among patients.

In this profession, communication incorporates interaction among individuals. This implies that it can either be non verbal or by word of mouth. In the category that incorporates relaying information verbally, patients get to visit health centers on their own. It is here that they reveal their health matters to the nurses.  Conversely, non verbal way of communication in nursing incorporates observation and response of questions on papers. Furthermore, ways of communication in nursing varies. This is from being planned, unplanned, drafted or unwritten.

Efficient communication in nursing revolves around the client and the nurse. The role of the nurse is to pay attention to what patients reveal to them.  It is also essential for nurses to relate well with other members of the staff.  This form of coordination is vital to ensure that patients receive quality services. In nursing, aspects that influence effective communication incorporate gender, cultural and social aspects. Other factors range from the environment and personal space.

These elements aid patients to express themselves and make a decision on whether they can accept services from nurses. To facilitate the right way of communication in this career, the nurse in charge should ensure that there is clarity in the patient’s information. In addition, the patient should be allowed to pose questions concerning their health. Patients should also be allowed to give their feedback in relation to how nurses treat them. In this career, nurses are required to embrace a language that clients or patients understands to offer effective treatment.



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