Nursing: Term Paper on Degree Granting and Professional Nursing School Accreditation

Degree Granting and Professional Nursing School Accreditation

Reports indicate that two universities grant the approval that can make individuals to qualify as professionals in nursing. These two universities are further known to provide nurses with quality education. They include Case Western Reserve and American Sentinel University.

In addition, the universities also offer nurses with expertise to evaluate on human and physical infrastructure. The outcome of education that is offered in higher institutions is evident when it is approved by a body that is professional. In this regard, there are three key aspects that determine qualifications in these two higher institutions. One of the vital aspects is to enhance human resource which is clear via lecturers. Physical equipment’s are also essential in accreditation and they incorporate laboratories and tools for studies.

For universities to qualify in offering career in nursing, they should also have a conducive learning surrounding. The program should be effective to students to enable them to finish the syllabus and access internship. Based on federal regulations, universities that provide programs that are not approved will be liable for its actions. This implies that students who practice nursing in such institutions will risk facing prosecution. Furthermore, the professional bodies will not recognize them after they complete their courses.

The US Department of Education (USDE) puts emphasis on the improvement of programs that are offered at the learning institutions (Gaston, 2014). In addition, the professional bodies expect universities to upgrade their programs to ensure that they are relevant in the job market. For US Department of Education to recognize a university, it requires to seek approval from known bodies. Clearly, institutions that have been approved to offer nursing education qualify to enroll students to study and become professionals in nursing.


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