Nutritional/Dietary: Coursework on Diet


The science that revolves around losing weight is attributed to the amount of energy that people consume. This reflects the similar amount that is consumed in the body during the loss of weight. Evidently, this form of energy tends to differ with levels of calories that are incorporated in drinks and food. In addition, the amount of energy that is lost differs based on a variety of events that people participate in.

There are a number of activities that burn plenty of calories. They include manual work, walking, and jogging. Due to these activities, individuals end up using plenty of energy. For an individual to lose weight, he can successfully accomplish this using the procedure of burning calories. This further applies to events that he does on daily activities clearly, the amount of calories that become burnt when an individual engages in such events is clear through sweating. The reason is that these burnt calories are released in form of heat from the body.

In addition, loss of weight can be reflected in calories whose deficit is achieved in two main ways. If an individual consumes less food, this contributes to fewer amounts of calories that become built up in the body. This implies that physical activities are essential to burn plenty of calories. To be in a position to lose weight, an individual requires embracing permanent change in his lifestyle. A sure manner that contributes to weight loss applies to use of commercial lunch and breakfast.

People with weight issues can choose to embrace vegetable diets instead of meals that incorporate plenty of fats such as burgers.  Bittman (2013) cites that permanent loss of weight relies on the lifestyle of people on a daily basis. This also depends on the pattern of eating, physical activity and the kind of meals that people consume.


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