Outline Sample on Does Technology Make Us Lonely?

Outline Sample on  Does Technology Make Us Lonely?

  1. Introduction: Rationale behind technology in human life as far as bringing people together is concerned
  2. Body: Reasons why I don’t agree that technology makes us more alone;
  3. Technology does not cut us off from the real world but instead it drowns us to a larger society. Phones for instance help us engage with multiple personalities online(Allan 2014)
  4. Internet contains almost all kinds of information. Freedom to use it helps people to obtain and also share their ideas. Research shows that 90% of people use it to get information about hobbies, addresses, politics, cultures, destinations, heath among other information depending on their need (West 2014).
  • With technology, response is prompt as the information is received in a short time and this is the function of technology to bridge geographical distances (Crosby 2016).
  1. Individuals are able to meet their needs and desires by using technology. Some relationships like erotic and general friendships are established using the available social networks. The international world has been united into a global family (Turkle 36)
  2. Interactions have been made more interesting by technology. Video calls enable people speak to each other even when they are far away from each other as a face to face conversation. Online shopping sites enable buying and selling easier and time saving(Palmer 2016)
  3. Technology provides platforms to learn other cultures like learning foreign languages online, watching festivals and basically everything else of interest. Technology provides platforms to learn other cultures like learning foreign languages online, watching festivals and basically everything else of interest(Rooker 2017).
  • Family members living far apart are united by technology further proving that technology strengthens ties that would otherwise have been broken(Palmer 2016).
  1. In conclusion, it is not possible to mention interaction without technology in the same breath. Technology does not make us alone; it gives us a wider variety of associations, better ways of dealing with situations and mends broken ties.

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