Paper on Customer Service Assistant and Production Line Workers Recruitment

One of the primary objectives of the Human Resource Management department is recruiting the best possible employees for organizations. One of the best places for HR to seek for or customer service representative is in university and college campuses. The reason for this is that college learners bring originative, fresh new perspective, and unprecedented plans to the business. The second place is to look for customer service representative is at malls and shopping plazas. These areas have numerous individuals already working as a service representative seeking better working opportunities. Currently, technology drives employment and online websites such as Indeed, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn provide HR with an avenue to find individuals who fit best fit an organizations service representative profiles (Moore III, Ford, and Milner, 2015). Other areas that pose to be significant in finding the best customer service representative are the unemployment offices and Job fairs. The above-mentioned location provides a wide pool of individuals who are experienced, drive, available, and affordable to hire for the organization.

A customer service assistant particularly located on the front desk is required to have an outgoing attitude in addition having the ability able to complete multiple tasks. On the other hand, a production line employee is expected to have the aptitude to efficiently complete the same task repeatedly without the risk of diminishing work quality. In such an instance online websites, local job fair, and the unemployment office are the first as well as the best places to find such an employee. These areas highlight working experiences, aptitude test results, as well offer a pool for HR to select from (Moore III, Ford, and Milner, 2015). Staffing companies are also good place look for production line workers because assess prospective candidates and provide various tests that candidates have to pass to qualify for a position including drug screenings. Lastly, technical schools also provide great recruiting avenues to get production workers. These places provide great recruitment opportunities as the graduate students with the technical skills in addition to hands-on skills desirable for such a position.




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