Paper on Departmental Managers and Employees Changes

Department Managers and Employees’ Changes

Introduction and Problem Statement

In January 1, 2016, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Robert Monroe of retail sales of Ross and DD’s stores considered making changes to the way each department handles sales and improved the layout of each department in order to bring in more customers into the stores. The Ross and DD’s stores had to make changes to each department to make it more appealing to their customers, especially the young shoppers, as the CEO of retail sales of over 832 stores nationwide show a declining profit from sales has been falling into the red for some months.

Ross and DD’s stores need to make an improvement in sales within the next several months to avoid making cut-backs. Over the last couple of months, surveys have shown that customers look for more fashionable and reasonable items that attract them, and that has led to stores having their display set up, and big signs of what can be offered to the customers displayed in front of the store. The most important reason for increasing sales would be to prevent cut-backs.

The CEO often asks for feedback from each store manager so as to establish an ideal on how to improve sales in their regions. The justification report for each store manager should present a solution to the problem of improving sales in their areas so this could be presented to the Board of Director and Stakeholder meeting in November 2016.The CEO is required to submit the ideal for improvement not later than September 1, 2016.


CEO: Chief Executive Officer

Report overview

The major sections in this report include the introduction which covers the statement of the problem, the overview of alternatives, criteria for the overview, the methods of research used in the report, evaluation of alternatives, findings and analysis, and recommendations.

                                                           Scope and Limitations

This assignment covers all that managers require to ensure the increase of sales of the company. Moreover, it looks at the strategies that can be employed by management to increase profits. Apart from this, it also looks at the requirements of a CEOs office for successful operation. The challenge, however, is on the fact that much focus is not put on the employees who are also critical in the production process.

Overview of Alternatives

The following two alternative solutions considered in the report should meet the CEO’s criteria for ideals:

Alternative 1 – Management Increasing Sales

Managers’ critical role would be their input and ideals on improving the layout of the stores to bring in customers. They would also ensure that employees keep working with good market strategies by increasing their awareness of the product.

Alternative 2 – Marketing Strategies

It is significant to determine how displays in window would bring in customers, and how bright and colorful signs and marketing templates play a role in increasing profits. The critical role would be to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. A strong objective, in this case, would be marketing the sales and setting a goal for sales each day as the store mission.


The best criteria that would be used to determine the alternatives for the CEO office would be through the competitors. This would be established based on the various competitors during the increase of sales and their improvement. The other criteria would be through the database. This would involve the creation of a spreadsheet of other companies’ success in sales techniques. Retention status criteria would also be used. This would look into the maintenance of companies’ strategies of marketing and average sales. In addition, the criteria of sales manager in the house would also be significant. Based on these criteria, department would submit a respond to store managers on increasing the sales within their stores. Evaluation criteria would also be vital in determining the alternatives for the CEO office. It would determine the production after the initial changes within the stores.

Research Methods

The research methods would include analysis of the annual report on the Ross and DD’s stores according to the CEO Robert Monroe summaries in a report made available to store managers after the last annual meeting in January 2016.The other method would be carrying out online search of marketing strategies of increasing sales. Research on this hand would be on increasing sales and keeping employees working by improving the way the stores display to the customers the bright and colorful signs to bring more of them into the stores. Assignments would also be forwarded to each store for feedback on how Ross and DD’s store could improve marketing to increase sales.

Evaluation of Alternatives

Alternative: Management increasing sales

Getting into the mind of the Consumer

Quality of advertisement

Alternative: Marketing strategies




Alternative: Management increasing sales

Attracting the young customer

Comparing competitor’s statistics to our own

Alternative: Marketing strategies


Sales Report


According to Zamora (2010), strategies, expectations, accountability, forecasting, and sales results have a significant influence on how well a company’s sales and services would keep progressing. Besides that, Zamora (2010) states that various concepts would be established as strategies which would look into how effective the manager would be at providing strategic directions and approaches that could be duplicated and produce more cost-effective results. The other would be expectations which would look at how effective the sales manager would be at providing clear expectation to the sales people that are aligned with the business goals. Accountability would also be vital to establish the degree of accountability among the sales people. Forecasting would also be crucial to determine how reliable the sale a forecasts would be produced by the sales department. In addition, the sales results would be important in determining how effective the sales team would be at achieving the company’s sales targets.


Ross Stores Reports Second Quarter Earnings, Issues First Half 2016 Guidance

Ross Stores, Inc. (Nasdaq: ROST) today reported that earnings per share for the first quarter which ended January 1, 2016 decreased from 11% to $.57, down from $.63 in the prior year. The net earnings grew to $240 million, compared to $256 million for the same period in 2015. The sales for the fiscal 2016 first quarter dropped 4% to $1.968 billion, with the comparable store sales up 9% over the prior year (Ross Stores, Inc., 2015).

Table 1.1 Ross Department Profit and Loss for 2016


Figure 1.2 Showing Ross 2016 Profits


Light Blue: Sales, Orange: Cost & Expenses, Gray: Earning, Yellow: Net Earning, Blue: Profit

Executive summary

The Ross and DD’s stores had to make changes to each department to make it more appealing to their customers, especially the young shoppers, as the CEO of retail sales of over 832 stores nationwide shows how a declining profit from sales has been falling into the red for some months. Accountability and forecasting would also be vital to establish the degree of accountability among the sales people



I would recommend the organization to focus more on the accountability of the staff as it is essential for profit realization in the firm. The sales team should also have enough strategies on how to realize the goals of the organization. Finally, the company should frequently make sales forecasts so as to be able to predict expected returns in the company. I recommend the company to attract more young customers so as to increase sales. These recommendations emanate from the evaluation results.


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