Paper on Learning objectives for the community practicum experience

The  Pediatric Urgent Care Setting is one of the healthcare setting that requires in-depth knowledge, skills and core competencies  in addressing medical issues that affect children. My overall objective is to gain comprehensive understanding and practicum experience in addressing children-related health complications. In most cases, the rise in mortality rates of infants and toddlers is because of unsolved medical issues. It is my desire to minimize the increased rate of death of children because of minor and major issues that usually affect pediatric patients. The following are some of the personal learning objectives for the community practicum experience.

Personal Goal

  1. Learn to communicate eloquently and successfully with children and their parents/caregivers in a culturally sensitive way in discussing health-based issues and preventive care.

To achieve the personal goal mentioned above, I have already enrolled in a growth and development course, where I anticipate learning about the growth states of children.

Personal Behavioral Clinical Objectives

  1. Establish competence in collecting fundamental and accurate data in healthcare interviews, such as, significant illness, previous health, family, social, nutrition, and growth history.
  2. Establish skills in conducting a comprehensive and accurate physical assessment, including growth charting and developmental examinations when suitable
  3. Establish competence in clinical decision- making, by relying on patient data, current scientific proof and proper judgement in making decisions.

The achievement of the behavioral clinical objectives mentioned requires a proper understanding of the pediatric setting in terms of both knowledge and skills and experience.  I plan to advance my career in Pediatric Urgent Care by enrolling for a Master’s Degree.   I believe that with in-depth knowledge, skills and academic competence in Pediatric field, I will be able to address different aspects of growth and behavioral challenges experienced in pediatric practice.