Philosophy: Sample Essay on Value of Life to the Youth

Value of Life to the Youth

In a society, young people reflect the future. This is because they are perceived to be leaders when the current ones have retired from their positions. However, the youth incur a lot of problems while they are still young. The get exposed to social media and emulate activities that takes place on the platform. For instance, they get subjected to illegal details that pop up via advertisement. As a result, they find themselves using alcohol and abusing drugs.

Equally, young people who use the internet are also prone to sexual scenes. This is evident in the video, music and programs which they find online. At some point, television and radio also contribute to their change of behaviors. This procedure influences majority of teenagers in a negative manner. This further has an effect on both their daily and future activities. A good example is clear among youth who use drugs and end up dropping out of school. In some circumstances, young girls also become pregnant.

Analyzing these problems that face young people in community, it is evident that it makes it difficult for them to accomplish their wishes in future. It is significant for individuals at adolescent stage to recognize that life is valuable. This should encourage them to appreciate their lives by taking their education seriously. This implies that teenagers should focus on education and talents to enhance their key priorities.

Additionally, they should desist from abusing drugs such as cocaine while they are still young. This is because such characters will affect their lives and health in a negative manner. They should also consider staying away from sexual characters. This is to avoid getting pregnant at an early age and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In essence, young people need to appreciate their life and bear in mind that they are the future leaders.


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