Philosophy: Sample Essay on Was America justified invading Iraq?

Was America justified invading Iraq?

Individuals across the globe protested against the actions that made Americans to attack Iraq. This invasion was bound to happen because President George Bush had already decided on the action. This implies that nothing could change the attack from happening; even after the UN Security Council did not support the idea.

Clearly, the responsibility of the president is to protect his country. Bush’s decision to attack Iraq was faced by scrutiny from both his supporters and critics. The fact is that attacking Iraq was an idea that seemed to be inappropriate. This is because it was carried out under a false accusation. US perceived Saddam Hussein to be manufacturing weapons that could be used for mass destruction.  Soldiers from United States attacked Iraq on 19 March 2003. As a result, this invasion ended Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial way of ruling.

By May 2003, approximately 10,000 civilians from Iraq and 1500 US military died in the process. However, when Americans visited Iraq after war, they were unable to trace dangerous weapons that could cause mass destruction. This was the key reason that made Americans to attack Iraq. Additionally, this invasion had various consequences to Iraq society. For instance, it destroyed businesses, families, and death of innocent individuals including children. It also led to death of their own who were Americans citizens in Iraq.

These loses may be small in contrast to those in major war but it did not justify the occurrence of the war. Another alternative was for the American government to visit Iraq and carry out inspections on nuclear weapons. This could be achieved via use of pressure but not war. Clearly Americans attacked Iraq to destroy their weapon of mass destruction. However, this act was not justified because Americans failed to access weapons. As a result, they ended up killing innocent citizens in the process.


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