Political Science Assignment on American Presidency

Unite Questions 6-7


  1. Discuss the major political conflicts (war, slave issue, court cases) during Lincoln’s administration? Do you agree with how he tried to solve these problems? Explain your answer, How did Lincoln shrewdly win his presidential nomination? What did that say about his character?


  1. What was Reconstruction? Discuss Congressional Reconstruction? Discuss Johnson’s conflicts with the Radical Republicans? What was the Tenure of Oath Act? Was Congress correct by impeaching him? Explain your answer
  2. Based on all of your readings about Grant, how would you rate him as a president? Discuss some of his accomplishments and failures.
  3. Discuss the accomplishments and failures of Hayes, Garfield and Arthur. Did you agree or disagree with the Chinese Exclusionary Act? What was Tammany Hall? Was Hayes correct to fight against patronage? Explain your answer
  4. Discuss the accomplishments and failures of Cleveland’s administration? Was he correct to have avoided helping Cuba gain their independence from Spain? Explain your answer. What is yellow journalism ? In evaluating Cleveland’s campaign, did the media help or hurt his campaign. Explain your answer
  5. Compare and discuss the policies and programs of Harrison and McKinley, which one do you believe brought strength to the office? Include a discussion of the “Open Door Policy” and the Boxer Rebellion. Do you believe Harrison was a puppet president? Explain your answer ? Discuss the Erdman Act and its significance to the labor movement.
  6. Summarize and discuss the video on the Spanish-American War. Should America have become involved in this war?
  7. Choose one president to discuss from the Life Portrait Videos on the Presidents. Discuss the video or some other interesting points about his life.