Political Science: Coursework on International Cooperation

International Cooperation

The world has been reduced to a tiny village, in that things that happen far can still be accessed. In regard to this scenario, factors that affect us also influence other nations. From a positive impact perspective, it enables neighbors to incline towards each other to enhance mutual relationship.

Global village is a concept that benefits numerous countries. For instance, it has upgraded economy in eastern region of Africa. In addition, this aspect enables various states to coordinate to handle issues that affect them. Through global village, many nations have managed to collaborate to find ways of settling political and socio economic status. Natural resources have contributed in facilitating ease in operation hence creating a global village. For instance, Indian Ocean serves as a medium that promotes business across different nations. Countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda are found to be on the eastern bloc.

They are full of natural resources and interesting sceneries that attract the tourists. Furthermore, these states use the Kenyan port to export and import their products. LAPSET refers to an international cooperation that alleviates transportation of commodities and services. This takes place and is exclusive of countries that are members of the project. Recently, Lamu sea port became launched after spending $18 billion LAPSET. It was opened in a ceremony that was presided by the head of the republic Mwai Kibaki (McLuhan, 1989).

Among the visitors that were invited to the ceremony was Prime Minister Meles Zenawi from Ethiopia. Evidently, African states have embraced harmony which has enhanced unity in the region. They come together to handle terrorist groups such as boko haram and al- shabaab to restore peace. They receive support from African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) in fighting against terrorists from society.



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